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I can’t get words to express the moral support, care, advice, friendly feeling, … good skilled and highly talented our Dr PRK and Dr Anitha settikeri AWESOME…. I may be still in the loan made for the treatment. BUT IT IS VALUE FOR MONEY.

Thank u so much mam we are very proud of you

I was in my 25th week of my pregnancy when I was diagnosed with severe stage 4 TTTS, Twin B was “stuck” with basically no fluid and Twin A had entirely too much amniotic fluid. I was immediately referred to Dr Pratima Radhakirshnan – Bangalore fetal medicine.

I was informed that I had to go thru a laser ablation surgery to rectify the abnormalities and on 31st Dec 2014 the surgery was done in which the excess amniotic fluid was drained out and closed of the blood vessels that were flowing between the babies’ cords!! The surgery itself posed minimal risk to me as the mom, and I felt great immediately after coming out of surgery. And our babies already showed slight improvements in fluid amounts the very next day. I was kept for observation overnight, and discharged in two days. It all happened so fast that it was hard to process everything!! But all I knew was that it was a very scary time for us, with so much worry of whether our babies would be ok. I can’t say enough how fantastic Dr Pratima and her team at Bangalore Fetal Medicine was. They are VERY competent, knowledgeable people, who showed us so much care and support through everything!! I am so thankful for each and every one of them!! I just wanted to share my positive experience with anyone who may be stressed about the possibility of TTTS! It was a very terrifying time for us, but we were in the best of hands, and God took care of our babies and they are both growing well today!

Thanks to Dr. Prathima n team for wonderful challenging job n saving our kids we r very grateful to u. Each n every mother who has undergone a TTTS syndrome will never forget you till there last breath. Thank u so much

I must admit that the decision to visit your clinic was undoubtedly right. You and your team’s thorough investigation and instant decision on way forward was pure professional and the result is in the form of healthy twins which we will cherish for rest of our life.

Good evening mam this is syeda here.
Note from Parents,
We are always thankful to Dr.Pratima who educated us in finding out the solution
for our problem chord cogulation.since my case was India’s first case Dr.Pratima took an initiative in giving life to one twin baby through a procedure in Manipal Hospital on 13th September 2010.Thank you mam for a wonderful gift to our life.

Hi Prathima. Bharath here. Diya our baby, navya and me thank you and congratulate bfmc for completion of 10 yrs of helping parents to be happy during the journey of baby birth. Wish another 100 yrs of happiness to couples thru bfmc. It took a Prathima to create a world class Fetal medicine place in Blr. Ur guts inspire us. Yes… Diya is really gud baby. Happy child…

Mr. Bharath

Avisha turns 6 today. Thank you for being a part of her jouney. We will always value your presence in our lives.


Hi Doctor Prathima, Ambily here… How are you? Wishing you a very happy new year! Not a single day passes without us thanking you.. Here are some pictures of Prabhav(twin1) and Pranav ( twin2)

Mrs. Ambily

Hello Dr. Prathima!
Happy new year!
And congratulations on 10 years of BFMC.
Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for us. We are ever so grateful to you.


I was experiencing a severe back pain once into the 4th month of my pregnancy. It was then when I visited BFMC, as recommended by a friend of mine. The treatment I received here was immense and I totally loved the experience. My suffering was reduced, thanks to BFMC and the staff!

Mrs. Vijaylakshmi

I was lucky enough to visit BFMC and have my treatments done by the immensely skilled healthcare professionals of BFMC, due to which my labour experience was what I might say, quite enjoyable. I am now blessed with a divine baby boy.

Rani Habbul



My labour experience was quite different from what I heard from others. It was much easier for me and I rather enjoyed the nurturing and care that the staff at BFMC imparted. They are highly skilled and knows their job. Keep it up BFMC!



Today, thanks to BFMC, I am truly blessed with amazing twins, a boy and a girl. If not for BFMC, I might have found the labour experience quite hard to encounter. However, the care I received at BFMC was beyond words and today I am happy with my life.


After having lot of complications during my pregnancy time, I visited BFMC seeking better treatment and mental guidance to lessen my labour pain and have an easy childbirth. BFMC did a great job with this and I was sincerely satisfied with the care they gave. Thanks BFMC.

Mary Varghese

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