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BFMC has been the pioneer of Fetal Medicine for this part of the world. We are very passionate about fetal medicine and totally committed to the cause. Our core competencies is in Fetal therapy, Early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and Pre-pregnancy counseling for fetal anomalies. We continuously look to innovate and evaluate methods and models to expand our network of Comprehensive Fetal Care by working with all stakeholders in the eco-system and provide branded and standardized fetal care.



Our comprehensive fetal care centre has all the doctors, facilities and departments under one roof. Our Fetal Medicine team is trained under the expert guidance of Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan. Our team of Fetal medicine Specialists, Sonologists and Emotional Counselors perform the fetal / pregnancy scans to highest standards and this is backed up with informative and sensitive counseling. Our aim is to give the best possible care for the unborn baby and parents by following a highly standardized system of care.



Being at the forefront of fetal care involves pioneering innovative treatment methods as well as the introduction of technology that aids medical experts. Ima-BFMC has led the pack on both counts by introducing clinical software, tele-reporting models and a first of its kind of brand of fetal medicine.



Ima Fetal Care is a network of fetal medicine units and we bring the best in fetal medical technology, expertise, and innovation, we are here to make sure you have access to the best in fetal care.

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