Duration: 7 months

About the Course
The GUP is divided into 7 modules and will include basics of gynae scanning such as methodology of pelvic scan, ultrasound appearances of normal and abnormal structures in the pelvis etc. It will also cover in detail advanced gynae ultrasound such as 3D, Doppler in gynaecology and malignancy of pelvic structures. You will learn to perform scans of the uterus, ovary and adnexa in a methodical, structured manner, thereby enabling you to diagnose normal and abnormal morphology in the female pelvis.

  • Once a month theory class on a Sunday: lectures, case discussions, video lectures and videoconferencing.
  • The sessions will be held at Bangalore with facilities for livestreaming to other parts of India subject to minimum number (5) delegates per centre, and availability of necessary infrastructure.

The GUP is unique because:

      Each delegate can submit 150 scan images online at regular intervals for objective review and feedback.
      The program is designed for practicing specialists to participate without any interruption of their regular practice.
      On signing up for GUP 2019 training , the delegates are entitled to get a a 2 year ISUOG membership.

GUP Modules
The program covers the following topics:

  • An Approach to Pelvic Ultrasound
  • US of Myometrial Abnormalities
  • US of Endometrial Abnormalities
  • US Diagnosis of Mullerian Anomalies
  • US in Infertility
  • US of Ovarian Abnormalities
  • US of Adnexa ( excluding Ovarian Pathology)
  • US of Pregnancy related Pathologies
  • US Approach
  • Miscellaneous

Gynae Ultrasound Onsite Program 2019 starting February 2019 for 7 months. Registrations open now!

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For those who cannot make it to onsite, We offer the Gynae Ultrasound Program in the online version too. Click on the application link :

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