Fetal Ultrasound Program


Duration: 12 months

About the Course
FUP is a 16 module training course, which enables delegates to perform obstetric scans better and allow for improved understanding of the evolution of fetal anomalies and their management. It is a 12 months, month-end 1-day program for practicing Imaging Specialists who want to improve their theoretical knowledge & scanning skills in Fetal ultrasound and diagnosis of fetal anomalies. The candidate shall have formally registered with PNDT and performing scans regularly. This will include:

  • Once a month theory class on a Sunday: lectures, case discussions, video lectures and videoconferencing
  • Maintenance of log book
  • Observership for specific time at BFMC and
  • Guidance for First Trimester NT & Anomaly scan certification from FMF, UK.

The FUP is unique because:

  • Each delegate can submit 600+ fetal scan images online at regular intervals for objective review and feedback.
  • The program is designed for practicing imaging specialists to participate without any interruption of their regular practice.
  • On signing up for FUP 2014-15 training , “First Step” training will be made available free of cost to delegates. It is a self-paced on-line training program covering unique important aspects effective fetal scan for early detection of anomalies.

FUP Modules
Antenatal Scanning and Screening protocols, First Trimester Scan, Central Nervous System, GIT, Fetal Thorax, Abdominal Wall, Genito Urinary system, Cardiac, Face, Skeletal System, Multiple Pregnancy, Fetal Doppler, Preterm Delivery, Fetal infections & Counseling, Fetal Biometry – IUGR, Macrosomia, SGA etc, Genetic Syndromes; Placenta & Amniotic Fluid

Fetal Ultrasound Program 2016 starting January 2016 for 12 months. Registrations open now! Kindly email: secretary@bangalorefetalmedicine.com

Application Form



FImA Primary Sponsor


Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan

Medical Director
Bangalore Fetal Medical Centre and Ima Fetal Care

Click here to download the brochure and registration form.

Available centres for observer-ship

  • BFMC, Bangalore, India, Mentor: Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan, FRCOG(UK)
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India, Mentor: Dr. Anita Kaul, FRCOG(UK)


    • Sonologists need to be performing at last 10 obstetric scans/week, including NT and anomaly scans.
    • A prior PNDT machine registration is compulsory, for sonologists practicing in India.
    • A successful completion of FimA online course “First Step”.

    • Delegates may apply online for the training and submit the required documents
    • An online interview will be scheduled with delegate post review of the application
    • Upon approved delegates will be required to pay the course fee online

    • Delegates can perform obstetric scans better and improved their understanding of evolution and management of fetal anomalies
    • Delegates can equip themselves with required skills to acquire the FMF (UK) certifications
    • On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive certificate from FimA

  • Fetal Imaging Academy (FImA) is dedicated to providing world class training in fetal imaging techniques and diagnosis of fetal anomalies. The goal is to bring about a significant improvement in the standards of fetal imaging, early detection of fetal anomalies and in understanding management issues based on current scientific evidence. It has been introduced by Bangalore Fetal Medicine Centre (BFMC) in collaboration with Fetal Medicine Foundation (India).

  • FImA brings together specialists in fetal imaging from across the globe under one umbrella to provide a combination of face to face training coupled with self-paced online curriculum with faculty assessment in a blended learning format. All training material is reviewed by the officers of the advisory board who define, moderate and administer the policies of FImA. This includes the selection and invitation of additional faculty members to provide training and other materials on the platform. FImA can help faculty members in developing training content through its partners. Current faculty members are from BFMC and FMF. The details are given in the faculty list on the FImA site.

  • Blended learning is described as ‘a learning solution that incorporates a mix of online and face-to-face elements’ The format of “blended learning” is an educational model which involves a combination of the delivery of Academic content with interactive tutorials, assessment and use of multimedia online, together with face-to-face hands on instruction for specified periods during the duration of the study to satisfy the clinical and practical requirements.

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