Fetal Ultrasound Program 2013-14


FUP 2012 Enthusiasts

Bangalore Fetal Medicine Centre has introduced ssuccessfullylong term course on “Fetal Ultrasound Program” for all doctors practicing obstetric ultrasound. In the current climate of extensive use of Obstetric ultrasound, rapidly expanding field of fetal diseases and medicolegal implications associated with Obstetric ultrasound, we felt it is important to set standard guidelines of practice in order to protect the interests of the fetus and the practitioner.In this endeavor, we introduced a comprehensive course encompassing all aspects of fetal ultrasound, including Doppler. This will include

  • Once a month theory class on a Sunday with lectures, case discussions, video lectures and video-conferencing
  • Maintenance of log book
  • Observership for specific time at BFMC and
  • Guidance for First Trimester NT & Anomaly scan certifications


The course is open for all doctors practicing Obstetric ultrasound on a regular basis for at least 2 years. Kindly provide proof of your current work employment and number of obstetric ultrasound scans performed per month.

Fetal Ultrasound Program 2013-14 starting August 2013 for 12 months.

Registrations open now !

Apply online on our Application form in the Educational Courses section

Kindly email: secretary@bangalorefetalmedicine.com

Few of the testimonies from the current batch:

  • FUP is a great program which has enriched our knowledge and boosted our confidence in reporting. Also gave us a proper channel and format for reporting obstetric and fetal sonography. Our great thanks to Dr.Prathima and team for conducting such a program
  • FUP has made a vast improvement in my perspective, approach and technique towards fetal ultrasound.
  • FUP is a ”Wholeness program for obstetrics which taught me easier systematic way of scanning and gave me full confidence in reporting”.
  • Thanks to Dr Prathima and BFMC team . FUP has helped me to do scans systematically and boosted my confidence.



9th World Congress in Fetal Medicine, Rhodes, Greece

Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan presenting at the 9th World Congress in Fetal Medicine at Rhodes Island, Greece. The talk was based on 5 years of data collected and analysed from 10 fetal medicine centres across the country on the effectiveness of the First trimester scan in India in detection of major structural abnormalities.

In summary, about 55% of major structural abnormalities were detected in the first trimester, most of whom decided to discontinue the pregnancy. 70% of the terminations occured in the first trimester. Dr Prathima acknowledges the immense support extended to her by her colleagues who contributed to this major study.